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Let Us Help With Your Temporary Wall and Enclosure Needs

If you are looking for a reliable provider of lightweight modular panels, turn to none other than Edge Guard. We offer high-quality dust barrier systems that can be assembled quickly without the use of tools. They also have a professional look and can be cleaned with ease.

Who We Are

Edge Guard has been in business since 2009, allowing us to acquire the expertise needed to provide you with quality products. Our dust-free barrier system was initially developed by EDGE Construction and Consulting, Inc. for a multiphase emergency department remodel job at Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana, IL.

In the last two years, we have implemented several improvements to the original enclosure systems. However, we made sure the basic concept and philosophy behind our products remained the same.

Why Choose Us

Our panels can easily be put up and taken down. In fact, one person can set up a 2’ x 12’ enclosure in less than an hour and break it down in less than half an hour. This leads to labor savings when compared to metal studs and drywall.

The panels that we offer are also reusable for up to two or three times, allowing you to eliminate waste while decreasing your costs. They allow light to pass through, creating a pleasant and safe work environment without the need for added temporary lighting.

Product Specifications

Edge Guard offers panels with adjustable height, ranging from 7’8” to 10’. They also come in 6", 12", 24", 36", and 48" wide variants. You may opt for different porting options so you can attach 8” and 10” diameter high-efficiency particulate air exhaust fans.

Different Options

Aside from this, our panels have various configurations to further suit your requirements. Our door panels have a hydraulic closer and a lever-style keyed lockset. You can also upgrade to a combination lockset. Meanwhile, you can work with angled configurations using our hinged corner assemblies.

Accessories and Hardware

We also provide useful accessories for our panels, such as differential pressure monitoring systems. You can also use our custom-engineered camlock assembly to fasten panels together and our custom grid assembly to secure panels to the ceiling.

Flame Resistance

Our panels are flame resistant and are compliant with various standards. For the ASTM E-84 test method, our panels received a Class A result with a score of 0 for flame spread and 85 for smoke developed. They also have a Class CC1 rating in accordance with the ASTM D-635 standard.